Private Sessions 

Unlocking Healing- Shamanic Dream Healing


Through somatic techniques and intuitive introspection, we will explore the messages of your body and soul. My initiations for this work started early on in childhood. Since then I have had a ten year learning process which focused on shamanism, intuitive energy work, dream analysis/ shadow work, and somatic body work.


Teachers / Schooling :

Dance and Movement Therapist  ( IEK School, Berlin ) - 2018

Shamanic Healing Work via Paul Sivert ( Shamanic Healing Institute, Washington D.C. ) - 2020

Somatic Healing Apprenticeship ( Rayspect Foundation / Bonno Ray) - 2021


Many of our pain and troubles seem to stem from early childhood experiences, but sometimes these experiences may not be remembered consciously. In this case it seems like we are running around with all these problems and never understand why the world is not lining up in the way we wish it would. We can spend years of working on ourselves, but if the work happens only on the outer level (the mental, or superficial level) of our being, then the results will not be able to go beyond that dimension.

What I can offer you is a gentle yet direct way to go beyond the mental illusionist, that holds you captive, and keeps you from seeing the truths that are present inside of your soul. These blocks may reveal themselves as all forms of negative habits, mental confusions, and stress.

Before each session you will receive a questionnaire which already is part of the healing process. Through filling out these questions you can access a conscious view of your physical world generational traumas that may be affecting you.

I use somatic practices, sound healing, light language, visualizations, and a lot of heartfelt compassion in order to offer you the energies that you need in this present moment.


Individual Healing Sessions : suggested 60-80 Euro donation (per hour session) or sliding scale depending on financial situation


For detailed information and requesting a session contact me via the contact form.